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Do you like to look up at the sky during the night? Consider seeing a huge meteorite streak across your field of vision. If you want to not only witness a meteorite’s trip, but also make money from it, we recommend Spinmatic’s amusing game Meteoroid.

To win at Meteoroid you should first learn the basics of the game. Next, you should use your knowledge to predict how fast the meteorite will fall. Finally, you should submit a bet worth the sum of x100 multiplied by the speed of the rock.
Your chances of winning increase if you choose a meteorite with a higher mass, a higher potential and a faster descent. If you have not yet discovered a meteorite that could be worth a bet, you can put in a bit of money for a spin.
The Meteoroid trick
When a meteorite falls to earth, a small object remains in the sky. Some of these falling rocks have a mass of several tons. Even small meteorites are dangerous for people, animals, and the environment. A meteorite with a smaller mass does not pose a danger but it still contains a lot of energy and is visible for quite a long time. This dust is a remnant of the meteorite and produces an explosion if there is enough momentum.
The maximum possible payouts in the Meteoroid game are determined by the heaviest meteorite that ever fell to earth. On July 29, 2001, a 17 ton meteorite hit Siberia. The energy of the meteorite was enough to create a fireball that could be seen from Earth. By the way, this was an interstellar meteorite.
The Meteoroid game: the science is interesting
A meteorite is a chunk of rock that has been part of the meteorite shower that has entered the earth’s atmosphere from outer space. The best meteorites are called “meteorites”. But a meteorite is only part of the story. To determine the size of the meteorite, the weight of the piece of rock is important. Meteorites are usually classified according to their size:

  • Very small: 1 gram
  • Small: 0.5 to 2 grams
  • Medium-large: 10 to 50 grams
  • Very large: greater than 50 grams
    How to win at Meteoroid from Spinmatic?
  • You can bet from 0.10 to 20 Euros on the game.
  • If your bet is correct, you’ll win x1000 times your stake.
    The bonuses of Meteoroid from Spinmatic
    If you are prepared to lose, a spin of up to x10 can be a good investment. The Meteoroid game offers a wide range of bonuses:
  • Meteors with a high mass
  • Free spins
  • Daily bonuses
  • Win up to x1000 times your stake in meteorites

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